FLC Group starts construction of Vietnam’s largest hotel

The model of the 1-kilometre project

On June 15, 2017, FLC Group (FLC) started the construction of The Coastal Hill Hotel with VND2.8 trillion ($123 million) in total investment. A 1,500-room hotel with approximately a kilometre length will help the complex to increase service capacity by 150 per cent.

Talking about the Coastal Hill project, Dang Tat Thang, FLC’s deputy general director in charge of investment, said, "When I discussed the project with foreign consultancy agencies, they asked me whether we made a mistake with the number of rooms. It is too big to even compare with other existing hotels in Vietnam. However, we will implement this project.”

With 1,500 rooms being launched in June 2018, The Coastal Hill Hotel is expected to be the biggest hotel complex in Vietnam.

Being the biggest hotel is an extraordinary point, but the feature that FLC is planning on turning into a special attraction for tourists is the detailed design of the hotel and the whole project.

Thang said, "We named the hotel The Coastal Hill because it is designed like a hill in front of the sea. The project is designed on a high hill, looks straight to the sea. In terms of feng shui, the hotel leans on the mountain, looks straight to the sea, making for a beautiful view.”

One of the first and most highlighted features of The Coastal Hill Hotel is a one-kilometre lagoon stretching in front of four buildings, creating an infinite artificial oceanic space for all 1,500 rooms. Therefore, although the hotel is located on a hill, visitors can still enjoy a beachfront stay.

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