Vietnam Real Estate Magazine goes online

The Website embedded 12 modules: News, Projects and Investment opportunities; Real Estate Financing; Real Estate Transaction Center; Beautiful Decors and Construction Materials; Windows to the World; Culture – Sport – Tourism; Enterprises and Brandings; Forum: Real Estate Market and Enterprises; Legal documents and Consultancy; Association and members.
Vietnam Real Estate Online Magazine is designed to provide latest information and news on all key aspects of the industry from the Government’s strategies to the industry operations, developments, trends, risks and opportunities, and forecast... It is also expected to bridging cooperation and exchange information among Vietnam National Real Estate Associations, domestic and foreign real estate companies, investors, consultants, realtors and traders. Recent Government’s strategies, policies as well as latest news on Vietnam social and economic situation are also frequently updated.  
It also targets to embrace online policy forums among State’s industry management agencies (MPI, Ministry of Construction; MONRE; State Bank...) and enterprises and citizens. It will help attract resources on real estate market and boost the development of the industry in general.
Mr Nguyen Ngoc Bach - CEO of AsiaInvest - with his Congratulations at the Ceremony
The official launch today of the Real Estate Online Magazine is the outcome of concerted efforts and cooperation of technical experts, editors and leaders of Vietnam Real Estate Magazine and AsiaInvest Group under their Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement.
Source: AsiaInvest

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