Leaders of AsiaInvestGroup awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Construction...

Leaders of AsiaInvestGroup awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Construction at the Hanoi Real Estate clubs Second Congress2015-2020 term. (29/09/2015)

Established in 2009, being a member of the Vietnam Real Estate Associtaion (VNREA), the Hanoi Real Estate Club (HNREA) has the number of members over 1000, who are dealing in real estate and other various economic sectors as well. With the guidelines of "Honoring career, connecting community", HNREA always identified as a trusted, effective organization to bridge its members to local and central administrative authorities, where they could get the best supports for their activities.

At the Congress, there were 9 awards of Minister of Construction had been given to individuals for their outstanding achievements and completion tasks in 2014 in development of Construction. During the occasion, HNREA also awarded their Certificate of Merit to its activemembers for contribution to the operation of real estate market in general and the Real Estate Association in particular.

AsiaInvest Group leaders, including Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bach (Chairman - CEO), Mr. Vu Hoang Minh (CEO of AsiaReal Estate Investment JSC) and the AsiaReal (AsiaReal Estate Investment JSC)have received the Certificate of Merit of the Minister of Construction. This is recognition by the Ministry of Construction,Vietnam Real Estate Association, and Hanoi real estate association for theirefforts recently.



Individuals getting Certificate of Merit of the Minister of Construction for outstanding achievements in 2014


Certificate of Merit of Minister of Construction awarded to Mr.  Nguyen Ngoc Bach Chairman – CEOof AsiaInvest Group

      The HNREA Congress summarized previous term operation, planned the action to take off for the period 2015 - 2020 and elected the Executive Committee for the new term. Whereas, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bach will be in charge of international cooperation and investment; Mr. Vu Hoang Minh the member of Managing Committee and served as deputy secretary general.

The first term (2010 - 2015) has marked many improvement and achievements in theHNREAoperation. The club has actively participated in changing the critical gaps in the draft of Law on Real Estate Business, Land Law, Housing Law; regularly provided information and restored the believe in the real estate market; connected to establish the Union of G5, Union of Real Estate of Phu Quoc, Union of High Technology in Construction VITC ... with the mission to bring the reliability, transparency, safety for customers and to become an effective distribution channel of investors.With Union of G5, it is always occupied a leading market share in the domestic brokerage, especially in the North. In 2013, the number of successful transactions of G5 reached about 2.500, and nearly 4.000 in 2014.
Source: AsiaReal

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